Tuesday, July 7, 2015




John Potts

Subtle Social Love Activist

   This blog site is intended to let readers know the importance of each of us taking some responsibility for making our world a better one by relieving:
 human suffering, animal extinction and treatment, depravity, hunger, wars, injustice... and also our physical planet needs our help as well to
clean our atmosphere, ending destruction of forests, etc, etc...
   Also, making a Better World has to do with recognizing our own special connection to our planet Earth, the Universe & every living being.
When we connect with our inner spiritual self we release a natural flow of love and compassion for all living beings and the planet we live on.

   Only Unity, Oneness, Connectedness and the spirit of Love and Compassion will inspire each of us to act in whatever ways we are capable of, be it prayer, meditation, donating to worthy charities, promoting the need for all humankind to become involved in making our world a BETTER WORLD.  Each of us can become an activist in our own way, be it publicly demonstrating in peaceful ways on behalf of improvement of the world, or more more quietly becoming a Subtle Activist by giving to charities, encouraging others to donate to the needy and hungry around the world via Facebook, Twitter, letters, email, vocalizing in other ways how to help the needs of the world itself and the population of our world. You might even be able and motivated to go physically into the world to deal with hunger, inhumane treatment, disease, injustice in various ways.
   Or like me, at age 77 (in a few weeks), you could become a Subtle Social Love Compassion Activist!
   In future blog posts, I will give examples of how to get involved and the tasks of various charitable non-profit organizations which help to make our world a "Better World".  I hope to offer inspiration for my readers and specific ways to become part of the solution... whichever way you are capable of becoming involved... all the way from prayer/meditation for the world to physically preparing yourself to GO out into the world to personally become involved on scene... and everything in between.
   PLEASE become a regular on this blog, post your comments, advertise it, re-post Facebook and Twitter posts from me or anyone else with compassionate posts about making Earth a "BETTER WORLD".
   In the spirit of love and compassion... John Potts

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